Story of Our Logo

The logo of BBS Danışmanlık reflects the brand identity, corporate values, and vision with the swallow figure. The swallow symbolizes positive qualities like loyalty, speed, freedom, and hope. It also represents the qualities of the services offered by the company:

  • Swallows continuously fly long distances without stopping for 8 hours. This signifies that BBS Consultancy provides a wide range of services to its customers without interruption, tirelessly meeting all their needs.
  • Swallows are known for their loyalty, returning to the same nest every year. Similarly, BBS Consultancy maintains its services with loyalty and builds long-term relationships with its clients.
  • Swallows are skilled at hunting in the air. This reflects BBS Consultancy's ability to seize opportunities without missing a beat and succeed in a competitive market.
  • Swallows build their nests with mud and clay, signifying the durability and quality of the work that BBS Consultancy delivers, earning the trust of its clients.
  • Swallows inhabit various geographic regions, from warm areas to cold poles, traveling thousands of kilometers during migration. This symbolizes the universal appeal of our brand and its ability to be present everywhere.

The blue color in the logo symbolizes qualities such as trust, loyalty, wisdom, and professionalism. Many sectors where reliability is essential, such as financial institutions, banks, and insurance companies, frequently use the color blue. Blue is also associated with wisdom, intellect, and professionalism, as well as loyalty and commitment. Therefore, many brands use the color blue when they want to earn loyalty and retain customers in the long term. Educational institutions, consulting firms, and similar organizations often choose blue as their brand color.

The transition from navy blue to light blue in the logo symbolizes the concept of dawn, where the darkness of night begins to dissipate with the sunrise. Dawn signifies a new beginning, hope, and enlightenment. BBS Danışmanlık offers new opportunities, a hopeful future, and enlightened solutions to its customers. Such color transitions also convey dynamism and progress.

The design detail of having the BBS letters stylized in the shape of a bird within the logo is another noteworthy feature. In the logo, the wings of the bird are stylized 'b' letters, and the body of the bird is stylized as an 's', representing the BBS brand name. This way, the company's name is shown both as letters and a symbol.

The logo design also pays homage to the company's founder, Ahmet Şafak Kuş. Ahmet Şafak Kuş is the leader who founded the company, determined its values and vision, and continues to uphold them. The bird figure in the logo and the concept of Şafak reflect the meaning of his name.

In this way, the BBS Consultancy logo effectively conveys the company's identity and mission.

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