Encumbrance Research

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Encumbrance Research


The title deed is a crucial document used to determine the legal owner of a property. However, sometimes various restrictions or encumbrances may be placed on a property. These restrictions can affect the use, sale, or other transactions of the property. Therefore, title deed restriction research is an extremely important step for property owners and buyers.

Why Is Title Deed Restriction Research Service Needed?

  • Legal Assurance: Title deed restriction research is conducted to identify any restrictions or encumbrances recorded on a property. This provides legal assurance to property owners and makes them aware of any restrictions or encumbrances on their property.
  • Property Valuation: Title deed restrictions can affect the value of the property. Therefore, property owners or buyers can use this service to understand the real value of their property.
  • Critical for Buyers: When purchasing a property, buyers should be aware of any restrictions recorded on it. This is important to avoid encountering any issues with the property in the future.
  • For Investment Property Owners: If property owners are considering renting or selling their property for investment purposes, this service shows them how they can use their property.


Title deed restriction research is usually conducted by a real estate consultant or lawyer. Here are the basic steps of this process:

  • Obtaining the Title Deed: The first step is to obtain the title deed of the property. This record includes the owner of the property and any restrictions or encumbrances recorded on it.
  • Reviewing the Records: The title deed contains any restrictions or encumbrances recorded on it. These restrictions are reviewed and understood.
  • Preparing the Report: A report is prepared about the reviewed restrictions. This report is presented to the property owner or buyer.
  • Consultation and Transaction Advisory: Based on the results of the title deed restriction research, the property owner or buyer can receive advice on what steps they need to take.

Title deed restriction research service provides important information about the legal status of properties for property owners and buyers. Thanks to this service, property owners and buyers can make more informed decisions about their properties. Title deed restriction research increases security and transparency in property buying and selling transactions and is important for all parties involved.